Best 32 Wedding Emcees in Singapore

Getting a wedding emcee in Singapore might be the least of a couple’s worries for their big day. After all, you can always entrust this huge role to a friend or family member. But it can be extremely stressful for them especially when they want to truly enjoy this celebratory occasion. 

Being a wedding emcee is also more than just reading a script to a room of people. Having an experienced wedding emcee not only help ensure your whole wedding runs smoothly, but they also help liven up the atmosphere to make it an engaging night for everyone present. 

From multi-talented singers to even magicians, here’s a list of 32 wedding emcees services to consider for the best night of your life.

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Emcee NameWebsiteContact
Shili and Adihttps://www.instagram.com/shiliandadi/sing@shiliandadi.com
Linus Leehttps://www.instagram.com/masterpiecewedding/enquiry@masterpiece.sg
Lester Leohttps://emceelester.com/lester@emceelester.com
Corazon Eventshttp://www.corazonevents.com.sg/enquiry@corazonevents.com.sg
Jim Koh https://jimkoh.netcontact@jimkoh.net
Music Boxhttps://musicbox.com.sg/boxupmusic@gmail.com
Red Kite Musichttps://redkiteweddings.com/info@redkite.com.sg
The Wedding Serenatahttps://www.weddingserenata.com/
Two Of Us
White Ribbon SGhttp://whiteribbon.sg/services@whiteribbon.sg
Jim Leehttps://www.emceejimlee.com/emceejimlee@hotmail.com
Yumiko Kayaharahttps://emceekayahara.com/https://www.instagram.com/yumiko.kayahara/
James Yanghttp://www.emceejames.com/


Happy Fei Feihttps://happyfeifei.com/sales@eventservices.sg
Kelly Lohhttps://www.instagram.com/emcee_sparkellyloh/services@gclivemusic.com
Mireen Nghttps://www.instagram.com/mireenng_/ mireenn@gmail.com
Ainsley Chonghttps://www.ainsleychong.com/contactme@ainsleychong.com
A Little Dreamhttps://www.alittledream.com.sg/info@alittledream.com.sg
Emcee Jackshttps://www.instagram.com/emcee.jacks/emceejx@gmail.com
Magic Essentialhttps://www.facebook.com/martin.goh.54enquiry@magicessential.com





The Will You Marry Me Co.https://willyoumarryme.com.sg/angela@willyoumarryme.com.sg


Glittering Carousel Live Musichttps://www.glitteringcarousel.com.sg/hello@glitteringcarousel.com.sg
Joe Augustinhttp://emcee.joeaugustin.com/

Karin Wedding Emcee

Karin is a fun-loving individual with a passion for the stage and entertaining masses. Having received guidance from industry veterans such as Radio DJ Flying Dutchman, Rediffusion CEO Ms Eva Chang and Fly Entertainment artiste Nikki Muller, you can trust her to be well-versed in her field. Moreover, she does freelance as a Chinese Radio DJ at MediaCorp LOVE 97.2FM.

wedding emcee


Her proficiency in both English and Mandarin has led her to first various events like the SingHealth President’s Challenge and Chingay 2015 “One Team Singapore” to name a few. She has also gained recognition as a “Youth Leader for Emceeing” under Singapore Street Festival and made it to the Top 8 of a hosting competition back in 2013. We had the privilege to be in her presence and her command of the crowd is simply amazing. She has a certain charm and proficiency in the English language that will certainly wow the crowd as your wedding emcee.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karin.emcee/

Email: enquiries@solvent.sg

Shili and Adi Wedding Emcees

We keep on seeing Shili and Adi around. Their bubbly personality is so infectious. They have serenaded to guests in small intimate settings to international stages with more than 15,000 people. Their talents are immense. From the usual English and Mandarin, they can also perform a wide range of dialects and languages from Canto, Hokkien, Korean, French and Japanese, to name a few. From energetic and bubbly to retro and laidback ones, they cater to a variety of styles.wedding emcee

A duo, they not only wedding emcee but sing as well. Shili has tremendous achievements under her belt. They both were known for their piano arrangements of modern pop songs. They have also music on Spotify and Apple Music. They won Album of the Year award at the Indonesian equivalent of the Grammys in 2018.  This vocal duet is a sure hit for your wedding.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shiliandadi/

Email: sing@shiliandadi.com

Linus Lee Masterpiece Entertainment 

From circus arts to singing to magic, you name it, and they have it! Masterpiece aims to engage and entertain through an array of thematic celebrations available. From the retro-themed “Step Back In Time” to enchanting ones like “Fairytale Dream” and “Jazz in the City”, they personalise each theme to make it unique and distinct to you and your spouse. 

For a “Wedding Showmaster” package, a wedding emcee, vocal performances, music and event coordination will be included. You can also add on elements like a photo booth; wedding favours, clown, magician and jazz dances if you fancy. The Wedding Showmaster, Linus Lee, is sure to make your dream celebration come true with his unique 7 in 1 service. He has over 10 years of experience in weddings and is dedicated in his craft to help couples have the most memorable wedding ever. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, he is also available for an online meet-up currently.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/masterpiecewedding/

Email: enquiry@masterpiece.sg

Sylvia Tham Wedding Emcee

Whether you’re looking for a formal or creative and bright tone, Slyvia can be a versatile wedding emcee. Having experience in the media and corporate world, she understands the requirements of your events very well and delivers a tremendous emceeing experience every time. 

Having worked with some of the biggest brands and celebrities in the region, Slyvia is one of the most sought-after event host and emcee in Singapore. She has hosted over thousands of shows which is more than enough experience to ensure your big day becomes the best night of your life.

While it may be tough to pick an emcee from this vast pool of talents, remember that the emcee that you and your spouse vibe with the most is probably the choice to go 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emceesylvia/

Website: http://emceesylvia.com/

Email: syltham@gmail.com

Stan The Man Wedding Emcee

Since his secondary school years, he has already begun his hosting journey through school events. Blessed with a pleasant outlook and physique, he is also able to capture any audience. From solemnizations, wedding events to charity events, Stan the Man has a diverse experience in various fields. With interest in acting and singing, he is also seeking to develop himself further to provide a better value to his clients and audience. 

wedding emcee

Instagram: http://www.emceestanley.com/

Email: stanleysoh@emceestanley.com

Sharlyn Wedding Emcee

Sharlyn has quite a resume. She hosted the Istana, presence of Prime Minister, is a Radio DJ of Love 972 Station and many more. She has a soothing voice which has won over the hearts of Movie Producers and landed her 1st ever Movie Vocal Dubbing role in Jack Neo’s latest movie- Killer Not Stupid.
wedding emcee

Lester Leo Wedding Emcee

From a 3500-strong audience to a national event, Lester Leo can rock any crowd regardless of the size and event. His high energy also comes as an advantage, enabling him to get any crowd excited. As a bilingual Singaporean emcee with global exposure, he has also hosted events with politicians and famous international celebrities. His confidence, charisma and wit show in his ability to inject vibrancy and spontaneity into any event.

wedding emcee

(L)ively, (E)ntertaining, (O)utstanding, Lester LEO assures to leave the audience with a lasting impression.  

Website: https://emceelester.com/

Email: lester@emceelester.com

James Yang Wedding Emcee

A veteran emcee in the industry. Check out his showreel.

Website: https://emceejames.com/

Email: getyourjames@gmail.com

Wayne Wedding Emcee

You can see he has bilingual abilities to cater to your English and Mandarin Crowd.  He can engage your crowd whether if they’re young or old. He’ll be able to turn your wedding to a lively and memorable experience for your guests. He’s able to conduct games and activities for your wedding.wedding emcee

Corazon Events

“Corazon” means “Heart” in Spanish. As their name suggests, they are committed to helping you through your wedding with sincerity right from their hearts. Having planned, coordinated and hosted more than 250 weddings, they have the experience to guide you along on your once-in-a-lifetime event.

When you engage in Corazon Events, they make sure you don’t have to worry about the flow of the program. Their professional emcees are spontaneous and promise to bring quality entertainment for everyone on your big day.  

Website: http://www.corazonevents.com.sg/

Email: enquiry@corazonevents.com.sg

Jim Koh Wedding Emcee 

Jim Koh is a Deejay with 88.3 JiaFM.

Website: https://jimkoh.net

Email: contact@jimkoh.net

Music Box

With a logo that embeds their Chinese name 百年好盒, they are dedicated to wishing couples a lifelong marital bliss. Throughout the stages of enquiry, booking and to the actual day, they ensure that the processes are streamlined and easy to understand for the couple. 

It is value for money because you get at least two vocalists when you get their Live Band Combi. This ensures you get a variety of songs including duets, male & female solos. They also have a bunch of promotions which include complimentary hand sanitizer or discounts for interior renovations available on their website that you can check out.

Website: https://musicbox.com.sg/

Email: boxupmusic@gmail.com

Red Kite Music

Primarily focusing on providing quality live entertainment, they are also dedicated to providing a wide variety of wedding music available. They believe customisation is the key to let the music tell your love story. Hence, from live bands, DJs to string quartets and strollers, you can take your pick on what best fits the theme of your wedding. 

They have a wide selection of world-renowned entertainers who can light up your wedding with a professional touch.

Website: https://redkiteweddings.com/

Email: info@redkite.com.sg

The Wedding Serenata

The Wedding Serenata pride itself for having a band with impeccable chemistry who has performed together for hundreds of weddings. They also provide original composition and songs for couples to sing on their wedding night. Otherwise, you can choose to have your favourite song, rearranged to make it only for you and your spouse. A musical CD can even be produced for you. If you’re worried about the complexity, you don’t have to be! The recording and mixing will be handled by the veteran album producer Benny Wong.

They also have the lowest price guarantee and would refund any difference if you should find the same professional services offered by another company for a lower cost.

Website: https://www.weddingserenata.com/

Two Of Us Wedding Emcee

Also known as 二人世界,Choy and Ernest have been performing together as an acoustic duo at various events. They go live on Facebook quite frequently so you can check out how their live performances could sound like! Other than singing, they also double up as emcees. Having received numerous rave reviews on their page, Two Of Us is one you can check out.

White Ribbon SG

Other than a professional wedding emcee and live music services, they also partner with Mood Fleur, Butler Koffee, and One Click Wonders exclusively. This allows you to engage their partners for bridal florals, coffee carts and photography at the same time. For couples who wish to perform a select few pieces on the day itself, enrichment courses like creative songwriting and dance workshops are also available to guide you along. 

All their emcees are effectively bilingual with one, Sugianto Phua even being multilingual and well-versed in Mandarin, English and Bahasa Indonesia. To date, their musicians have also conquered countless stages not only in Singapore but also regionally in Asia (Taiwan, China, Malaysia & Thailand). This is evident in their versatility in different music genres and languages to cater to your needs.

Many of these companies are selected not just for their professional emcee services, but also for the full range of relevant services they provide. Otherwise, there are also individuals that you can engage solely for emceeing. 

Website: http://whiteribbon.sg/

Email: services@whiteribbon.sg

Jim Lee Wedding Emcee

Jim Lee is famous for his quick wit and charismatic personality with versatility being one of his strongest points. Previously, he started as an audio engineer in his family-owned business before delving into the world of emceeing. Since then, he has never looked back.  

From roadshows, product launches to weddings, and he has experience emceeing for various genres of events. He also has an impressive portfolio of renowned brands like M1, Samsung and Resort World Sentosa. 

He does not shy away from quirky and wacky costumes as long as they fit the theme and style you’re going for. Being a natural-born entertainer, he’s sure to have all your wedding guests in stitches of laughter and glee.  

Website: https://www.emceejimlee.com/

Email: emceejimlee@hotmail.com

Yumiko Kayahara Wedding Emcee

Born of Singaporean and Japanese heritage, Yumiko Kayahara first stepped into the hosting scene back in 2004 when she was only 15. Since then, she has obtained a Diploma in Events Management and Tourism & Hospitality Management. She is fluent in English and has experience hosting for various events like roadshows, school events and corporate functions. Currently, she is on-air Class95 for Saturdays. Her girly charm is one that would brighten up your night. 

Website: https://emceekayahara.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yumiko.kayahara/

James Yang Wedding Emcee

wedding emcee

Happy Fei Fei Emcee

If you haven’t heard of Fei Fei, you are in for a big treat. her presence is felt throughout the weddings we have attended. You can say she is a Lydia Sum impersonator. In fact, when we first saw her on stage, we thought it was Lydia Sum. She is a one of a kind entertainer, willing to bear it all. You can see her bouncing from one corner to the next and appearing from different parts of your wedding. We have also never seen guests laugh the way they do when Fei Fei is performing. She is an entertainment definitely high on the consideration table.wedding emcee

Website: https://happyfeifei.com/

Email: sales@eventservices.sg

Kelly Loh Wedding Emcee

She won the most popular contestant during the Radio 1003 Fight Club DJ Hunt 2007. This was the milestone that set her to her journey in emceeing. After her wedding since 2013, she has been motivated to tell every couple’s love story. She’ll take time to get to know you as a couple and is a great storyteller.

She has quick wit and spontaneity, which easily makes her gel well with guests. She seeks to make sure your wedding guests remember your wedding in time to come.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emcee_sparkellyloh/

Email: services@gclivemusic.com

Mireen Ng Wedding Emcee

Mireen has over 5 years of experience as a professional Emcee. She is fluent in Chinese and Korean which makes it for an awesome experience.wedding emcee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mireenng_/ 

Email: mireenn@gmail.com

Ainsley Chong Wedding Emcee

He is a multi-talented host. He focuses on emceeing and close-up magic. He is definitely going to leave an impression on your guests.

When you choose Ainsley Chong to be the emcee of your wedding, you can rest assured that your event runs smoothly while your guests are engaged with games, entertained and/or awed by his voice or magic tricks.wedding emcee

Website: https://www.ainsleychong.com/

Email: contactme@ainsleychong.com

Minmin Wedding Emcee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emcee_minmin/

A Little Dream

Since 2002, A Little Dream has had a vision of creating beautiful live band music for all events. They also have 10 different bilingual emcees for you to choose from. For those unsure on who to pick, they have experienced coordinators to help advise you on the right musician and emcee for your big day. From jazz to blues to pop, they have a vast genre of singers who can also double up as emcees if you desire. 

Complimentary services like spontaneous song requests and dedications, music accompaniment if your wedding guests want to sing a few songs, are also available. As there may be many couples enquiring for a specific talent, A Little Dream would secure the talent based on a first-deposit basis (not first-enquiry basis). 

Website: https://www.alittledream.com.sg/

Email: info@alittledream.com.sg

Emcee Jacks

He speaks English and Mandarin and a conversational Japanese. He specialises in wedding emcee. He is down to earth and has a humour personality. He’s able to switch it up from being humous to more formal when the situation demands for it. He conducts games and stories for your wedding crowd and will be a breeze to work with.
His ability to break the ice with you audience is one of his greatest strengths. He uses a mixture of banter and humour to rile up the crowd, getting them to laugh and be merry.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emcee.jacks/

Email: emceejx@gmail.com

Magic Essential

Your wedding will have a touch of magic when you engage emcee and magician Martin Goh from Magic Essential. He will perform magic tricks from table to table (~15 tables), allowing every single guest to witness and have a fun close-up. For couples who wish to get the full package, they also offer DJ, sound system and photobooth services apart from magic and emceeing. There are also smaller packages available if desired. 

Having magic being performed at your wedding is something unique. This interactivity can bring about great joy to everyone present.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/martin.goh.54

Email: enquiry@magicessential.com


Being the signature events agency in Singapore, they work with a diversified spectrum of high calibre event emcees. These emcees have extensive experience from their constant exposure to international audiences, which gives them the ability to react and connect with the audience quickly. 

They also look ahead on trends to research, conceptualise, and plan out new concepts for your events. From breathtaking circus displays, theatrical performers to top-grade musicians, they push boundaries to create spectacular entertainment experiences. 

Since 2001, the company boasts an impressive portfolio of designing and managing more than 600 mix-cultural signature wedding events in the region. By 2011, the founder Aaron D’Almeida was endorsed as “The Perfect Wedding MC” by The Association of Bridal Consultants, New York. With a variety of successful weddings under his belt, Born2Talk is a reliable choice to go for.

Website: https://born2talk.com/

Email: hello@born2talk.com

The Will You Marry Me Co.

The company was founded in 2009 when a group of friends decided they did not want the usual “come & go” weddings. They aim to create unique and memorable weddings to leave each guest with unforgettable experiences. They provide wedding consultancy services and are detailed to make sure each specific element is well-thought-out for. This allows couples to have a piece of mind knowing that someone reliable is taking care of all the necessary planning.

As wedding consultants, they make sure to procure the best deals available for you. From emcees to candy buffet and providing dance choreography classes, they help you throughout the whole process to create the sweetest night of your life.

Website: https://willyoumarryme.com.sg/

Email: angela@willyoumarryme.com.sg

Ananthan (Anand K) Wedding Emcee

He has a spontaneous and energetic personality, Besides being on the airwaves on radio and television, he also does Emceeing.

Upon graduating from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore, he began his career as a producer/presenter at Mediacorp. He has since served in the television and radio Industry for over 14 years.

Widely known as Anand K, he has a myriad of hosting experiences under his belt, from live television programmes, radio shows to corporate and private events.

He is also an experienced bilingual emcee who is fluent in both English and Tamil, and is able to converse in basic Chinese and Malay as well. He has, thus, received numerous accolades from clients and audience of various backgrounds.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emceeanandk/

Alex Emcee

Website: https://alextansing.com/

Glittering Carousel Live Music

Glittering Carousel Live Music is one of Singapore’s premier lives music entertainment providers. They have a team of music professionals who have vast experience performing both local and regional. Some have even performed alongside famous singers like Wang Lee Hom, JJ Lin and Eason Chan, to name a few. 

With a core value of “Great Sincerity”, they put in their most significant efforts to bring you magical performances on your special day. Although the company is more well-recognised for their Live Music and Entertainment services, they also offer to host and emcee services. 

Website: https://www.glitteringcarousel.com.sg/

Email: hello@glitteringcarousel.com.sg

Joe Augustin Wedding Emcee

Last but not least, Joe Augustin. He is the godfather of Emceeing. He has more than 30 years of international hosting experience, but he is more than just a celebrity emcee. He is intricate about the details, be it the tone, tempo or timing of the event. wedding emcee

From formal and professional events like networking events and press conferences to informal and casual ones like gala dinners, he has worked in diverse fields. Through these experiences, he has grown into an emcee who thinks on his feet with a great balance of both personality and presence of mind. He makes sure each event that he hosts is not only entertaining but also memorable.

Website: http://emcee.joeaugustin.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joeaugustin/


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