Wedding Catering- things to look for with Four Seasons Catering

Food is such a big aspect of a wedding. It’s hard to imagine a wedding without food. And besides, food is a huge factor for your guests in determining the amount of Ang Bao to give.  But so many couples place low importance to wedding catering. Food Catering can be common during Lunch occasions. You will need food catering especially if you just finished your tea ceremony around 11pm-12pm or after Church whereby your guests will be ready to load their stomachs.

wedding food catering

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When enquiring for your wedding caterer, do provide the following details for them to give you a more concise quote:


How much budget would you allocate for your wedding. Food can range from a simple meal for your guests to more elaborate setups with stations such as laksa, popcorn and ice-cream for your guests.

The number of guests attending your wedding


The number of guests would give an estimation of the quote your wedding caterer can give to you. Some caterers would require a minimum number of guests and some would give differences in price for different quantities.



Having space to park and set up on your wedding venue is a consideration for most wedding caterers. They would be able to give you advice on the various places to set up and accessibility to the food.

Food tasting


Most Food Caterers will provide you a food tasting session to know what food you’ll be serving to your guests. During this session, you’ll be able to answer questions such as the types of dishes to be served, serving time, and eating time.


Again this is a rough estimation.

For a 7-10 course meal, you can expect $15-$30 per person. Hence with a guest capacity of 30 people, you can expect to pay for around $900 in total.

We did just this to help you understand a bit about wedding food catering.



Number of People turning up

The number of people turning up may often be miscalculated. Most couples may underestimate the number of guests coming. For example, if they called for 200 guests, most couples would estimate for 150 of them to come. However, it is often important to cater for 90% of them. Underestimating your number of guests often lead to the ones who queue up later to have little or no food left. Often this might be embarrassing. You must understand that caterers will only provide what was agreed on and there is no backup food available. And considering that most of the spreads are buffet styled, people would tend to take more food than not especially if it taste so wonderful.



So even if you do have extra food, you can bring your own takeaway boxes for your vendors or even to prevent wastage. But do note that for the caterers, under NEA, they are not allowed to provide any takeaway boxes.


Wedding Catering can be the easier part of your wedding. Choosing the right vendor with a good rating is what you most need. It’s hard to go wrong with Catering especially with the tightening of Singapore Law on food safety. Hope this information is useful and do provide any experiences you had of food Caterers.