Best Wedding Bands in Singapore

Wedding bands rings are not just tiny pieces of jewellery wrapped around the ring fingers of you and your spouse. While preparing for your wedding, these tiny wedding bands are also one of the top priorities for both of you. What’s most important about these wedding bands is that they can be definitive objects to symbolise the bond and love you have for each other.


You might argue that true love cannot be measured and defined just based on some rings. While that can be true, these bands serve as a tangible reminder and affirmation of the journey you’ll have with your partner through all odds. It symbolises the commitment and promise made to grow this everlasting love together.

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In Singapore, there are many jewellers that can turn your vision into sparkling and exquisite Wedding band rings so that you and your partner receive wedding bands that define who you are. Here is a list of 20 composing of commercial, bespoke and high-end jewellers that you can take into consideration.

Artisan Jewellery

The story of Artisan Jewellery started in 1968 in Hong Kong when their Master Craftsman Nip crafted his first Wedding band ring. Throughout the years, he has continued developing his skills and solidified his foundations in jewellery-making. In 1979, Master Craftsman Nip was recruited to Singapore to help build the jewellery industry here. With incredible speed, attention to details and precision, his name spread quickly around the industry.


Today, he opened Artisan Jewellery with his son. His promise to offer customers quality handcrafted jewellery remains strong today with each piece being crafted in-house. This allows him to offer clients more affordable prices.



Website here



Bvlgari is a high-end luxury jeweller that is well-known to many with various outlets all across Singapore. They’re on the pricier side but if it’s in your budget, they’re a great option to consider. Their gemstones are show-stopping and their unprecedented designs come together to create some of the most spectacular wedding bands.


Their website also has detailed descriptions and pictures of both women and men’s wedding bands that are categorised by price range. This allows customers to browse through a large catalogue in the comfort of their homes before heading down to the outlet.

Tel 3158 2590

Email NIL

Website here



Spanning 3 generations of jewellers, Canary is a leading jeweller with one of the largest collections of Ideal cut GIA certified diamonds in Singapore. They believe in the motto of “Always Something Beautiful at The Canary Diamond”. The founder, William Lam’s vision and exquisite eye for beauty have also served him well as a designer. He has earned numerous design awards including the prestigious GIA International Design Award which gained him much recognition in the jewellery industry. This is a testament to his expertise and creativity in this trade.


His passion hence sparked the creation of The Canary Diamond company. Canary Diamond being his favourite diamond, a yellow one that glistens with a unique golden hue.

Tel 6736 3383

Email Delfi@TheCanaryDiamond.com   

Website here



Another high-end jeweller, Cartier remains standing as one of the world’s most esteemed leaders in the industry even after 100 over years.


Although they have a few set designs you can choose from, you can customise which diamond you want to illuminate it. From carat size, the price range to colour and clarity, you are able to browse through using the slider available on their website. After so, they will give you a price quote before you decide if you want to call or head down to their outlets after booking an appointment for more information.

Tel 6732 0181


Website here


Choo Yilin

Choo Yilin is proudly Asian in its DNA and aims to tell important stories of love, heritage and becoming through its pieces. They work primarily with handpicked Type A Burmese Jadeite, diamonds and vibrant-coloured precious gemstones, woven with intricate metalwork to bring life to its designs.


They specialise in working with jade, a prized treasure throughout history. They are also located in the heritage-rich neighbourhood of Joo Chiat. For couples who have heirloom pieces but wish to modernise them, Choo Yilin also helps reimagine your pieces to create classic and trendy jade designs for everyday wear.

Tel 6733 1131

Email hello@chooyilin.com 

Website here


Chow Tai Fook Jewellery

With over 90 years in the industry, Chow Tai Fook is defined by their bold inventions, masterful craftsmanship with a long heritage. One of the unique specialities of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery lies in their launch of 999.9 gold jewellery in 1956. Back then, most of the gold traded boasted a fineness of only 990. Generally, the higher the gold content in a piece of gold jewellery, the higher its potential to maintain or even appreciate in value over time.


Chow Tai Fook’s new gold purity standard not only revolutionised the industry but also heralded a new era as the standard popularised by Chow Tai Fook became adopted as the industry norm. This paved the way for the company to become to global jewellery leader that we know today.

Tel 2526 8649

Email enquiry@chowtaifook.com 

Website here



As a commercial jeweller, Citigems has outlets all around Singapore that can be found easily in shopping malls. Dedicated to complement everyday wear, Citigems has been pushing out luxury pieces. They have also collaborated with partners like Disney to bring in quirky and trendy designs.


Special collections like Perfect Love, Elistar and Oriental Bloom are also launched according to the time of the year. The 999 pure gold collection is also another eye-catching one that you can consider for your wedding. With such an electric range of exclusive collections, there’ll definitely be one that catches your eyes.

Tel 1800 226 6888

Email enquiries@citigems.com.sg 

Website here


Covenant Jewellery

Covenant Jewellery seeks to honour covenant love through their jewellery. All of their artisans work in a studio in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with fair pay and benefits. They work together as a family instead of mere employees.


For their bespoke Wedding band ring service, they offer ethically sourced and custom precision-cut gems from award-winning lapidarist. Their diamonds are also from a respected family-run diamond dealer with their own cutting facility in India. Their designs are minimal but all carry a delicate botanical twist. They also have short videos on their website to show the impact and process of making the Wedding band rings in Cambodia.


Email hello@covenant-jewellery.com 

Website here


GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Borrowed from the Italian language, GIOIA not only represents the feeling of joy, but it is also used to describe precious gemstone jewellery. Every customised bespoke jewellery is one-of-a-kind to tell the unique love story of each couple. They have a vast variety of gemstones to choose from, some including ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond and even rare ones like paraiba tourmaline.


To them, any design or vision you have is possible with their innovative ideas and dedicated craftsmanship. They do not compromise on quality for a better price.

Tel 9295 5909 

Email info@gioia.com.sg 

Website here


Gen.K Jewelry

Gen.K Jewelry is set up by sisters Genevie and Kayde who have deep interest and passion in creating jewellery with contemporary styles. The spirit of Gen.K Jewelry was born with the desire to combine the cosmic allure of gemstones with a fusion of innovation and traditional craftsmanship injected with beauty and artisanal creativity.


They focus on jade, a gem that was once tagged as a matronly looking piece of jewellery. With their touch and delicate craftsmanship, they have given this gem a trendy look in today’s society. For customers who are interested to see how they can rock these pieces during their everyday life, they also have a lookbook and archival page for browsing online.

Tel 8683 8488

Email admin@genkjewelry.com 

Website here


Gordon Max

Gordon Max has been breaking traditions and fostering changes in the diamond industry by creating a green alternative. Over a decade of experience in this industry, they remain committed to providing clients with only the highest quality Cultured Diamonds and Simulated Diamonds. Using innovative and proprietary science, the result is equivalent to D-Colour and flawless grade mined diamonds.


Utmost effort and dedication are put into every single piece they make with the stones being skillfully hand-cut and hand-polished to ensure maximum reflection and refraction of light for brilliance and fire.


With a purchase of a Gordon Max cultured diamond, 5% of the profits also go into environmental restoration and economic development through their corporate giving programs!

Tel 6476 6223

Email info@gordonmax.com 

Website here



The fine craftsmanship of H.Sena’s jewellery pieces has been passed down within the Sena family since 1919. They believe what sets them apart from other jewellers can be summed up in one word, family.


The majority of their pieces are handcrafted from scratch, with 18-carat precious metals and gemstones that they’ve picked out personally. Each diamond is selected by their observant eyes before going through the certification process. This way, they can ensure that the stone has good brilliance, fire and scintillation. They have a huge catalogue of exquisite and breathtaking pieces you can look through online before you decide to create your own unique piece.


As part of their ongoing effort to be an authentic and sustainable business, they only use conflict-free GIA certified diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and birthstones from ethical suppliers. This is in an effort to uphold human rights and protect the environment.

Tel 6732 0721 

Email info@hsena.com.sg 

Website here



JANNPAUL is popular for their jewellery craftsmanship and has even been awarded the top SMEs Asia award in recognition of their growth and contribution to the industry. JannPaul holds the largest collection of Super Ideal Cut diamonds and is in-house checked using various professional tools. They work closely with their master diamond cutters to ensure all the diamonds meet their stringent criteria.


JannPaul is also known for their state of the art 3D visualisation software and wax moulding technology. Making use of this 3D render technology, they would help you create a 3D design of your desired Wedding band ring and create a realistic wax mould. This complimentary service would allow you to make any changes and perfect it to your style before you decide if you want it.


Moreover, they have a lifetime warranty that covers prongs tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating, and replacement of lost side stones caused by broken prongs.

Tel 6733 2925

Email sales@jannpaul.com 

Website here


La Putri

La Putri was founded in 1973 by Madam Wan Ming Chin who was well known amongst Malaysian social elites for her fine taste and impeccable taste. They believe that “Every Gem Tells a Story”. Keeping true to this philosophy, every La Putri creation has its own unique narrative. It is their passion to share the stories and beauty of their distinctive jewellery to all couples. They also value the love stories that you entrust to them and endeavour to create dazzling and original jewellery that will resonate with you.

Through this bespoke process, you can bring in your own gemstones or select high-quality gems from their well-curated collection. Their designers can also work with you throughout to refresh an heirloom piece of jewellery to honour your cherished memories if desired.

Tel 6733 3345

Email info@laputri.com  

Website here


Larry Jewelry

Since Larry Jewelry was established in 1967, it has never ceased to excel in creating remarkable jewellery collections. As the exclusive distributor of the LAZARE Diamond in Singapore and Indonesia, Larry Jewelry brings you the strictest ideal cut LAZARE diamonds with an optimal balance of brilliance, fire and sparkle.


Larry Jewelry prides itself as “A Legend of Fine Jewelry” in Asia and has performed strict inspections to ensure each diamond meets the 4Cs standard (cut, colour, clarity and carat). With shimmering and everlasting diamond designs, they skillfully handcraft every piece of jewellery so that they are splendid yet comfortable for everyday wear.

Tel 6732 3222 

Email customerservice@larryjewelry.com.sg 

Website here


Les Precieux

LES PRECIEUX is Singapore’s leading private bespoke jeweller that specialises in creating exceptional sapphire, precious and semi-precious gemstone and diamond rings. They have been exclusively featured on various media platforms which is an affirmation of their exceptional designs.


They specialise in their modern vintage design styles. Their “Classic Les Precieux” bespoke pieces are created to be everlasting for generations. At their core, they believe that “Classic never goes out of style”. They believe that the possibilities of bespoke jewellery are limitless. They are constantly developing while ensuring their jewellery is held to the highest standards with their willingness to reach for perfection every single day.

Tel 9647 2673

Email enquiry@lesprecieux.com 

Website www.lesprecieux.com



MADLY Gems hopes that with their jewellery, you will own your big moment in ways that are bold, colourful and joyful. Every single bespoke creation of theirs is handcrafted in 18K gold and forged by the hands of a master craftsman. Even the most intricate of details will be taken into great care and concern. With a network of miners, gem cutters and partners around the world, it allows them to ethically source for the finest gemstones nature has taken millions of years to shape.


MADLY Gem definitely has gemstones worth collecting now and for future generations to come because only the world’s finest top 1% will be chosen.

Tel 6650 1544 

Email create@madlygems.com 

Website here


Michael Trio

A Singapore-based jewellery company, Michael Trio offers high quality and custom designs efficiently. You can customise online or let consultants guide you in-store. From the cutting of the precious stone, and the setting that will encase it, the whole product will be created according to your taste and preference. Whether you’re going for a simple and classic one or one with more detailed embellishments, Michael Trio has utterly dazzling wedding bands for you and your spouse.

Tel 6951 3296 

Email service@michaeltrio.com 

Website here



With their distinct contemporary design, pure form of the highest quality, each piece of Niessing jewellery is unique and manufactured specially for you. Since 1873, Niessing has been a jewelry icon around the world.


Niessing’s distinct specialisation is in their “Spann ring”. With just a simple ring circle, it brings out the beauty and the basic idea of the tension. Niessing invented the first tension ring to hold a diamond without a setting. This allows the precious diamond to float freely with its sparkle glowing to all its sides. This design that was created over 30 years still remains a classic today. It is also included in many museums and collections around the world. This is the ideal Wedding band ring for couples who appreciate clear forms and those who focus on the essential.

Tel 6443 2871

Email ss@sg.niessing-apac.com 

Website here


Poh Heng

Another commercial brand, they have boutiques all around Singapore. Poh Heng is Singapore’s leader in gold jewellery for 70 years and counting. With a strong belief that machines can never replace the human touch, each fine piece of jewellery is crafted, polished and assembled with the stroke of an artisan’s hands and the scrutiny of their eyes.


Poh Heng’s exquisite collection of solitaire diamond engagement Wedding rings, wedding bands and Si Dian Jin collection are available online for browsing. Boasting such an extensive collection, look no further than Poh Heng. Their jewellery not only gives you timeless value, but they are also easy to mix and match with your everyday wardrobe.


Wedding bands are extremely important. The symbolism far exceeds being a sign to everyone that you’re married. It holds the commitment and promises to get through this journey of life together with your partner and to grow an eternal love for each other.

Tel 1800 – 764 – 4364 


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