Wedding at Church of Saints Peter and Paul- Bertrand Venetia

Bertrand Venetia


The sun fills the sky with its warmth, signalling the start of a glorious new day. From the wee hours of the morning, the couple has started preparing for their military-styled wedding. 

Part of the Republic of Singapore Air Force, the groom Bertrand puts on his smart white uniform with his parents alongside him. On the other hand, the bride Venetia dabs away her tears as her parents embrace their daughter who will be entering a new chapter of life. The volume of love the families have for each other can be seen even in these quiet tranquil moments. 

As Venetia makes her way to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, her dad shelters her with a red umbrella, protecting her from any ill spirits on her big day. Finally, she enters and all eyes turn to look at the beautiful bride. As Venetia approaches, the dimple on Bertrand’s face deepens as his smile widens. Venetia’s dad also beams with pride as he hands over his daughter to the man she will marry. 

After exchanging their marriage vows, this pair of newlyweds get prepared to enter this new life ahead of them. It’s the highlight of military weddings, the Arch of Swords ceremony. Bertrand’s military comrades stand neatly in a row and raise their swords up high. The morning segment draws to a close. It’s simple, but it is evident that the strong bonds held in their relationship run deep.

Evening comes and the atmosphere livens up as family and friends gather to celebrate the couple’s big day. Decorations are kept minimal but the intimacy of the guest prevails over in their interactions. Once again, the couple walks down the aisle under an arch of swords into their new journey ahead. With the yellow-toned backdrop behind, the night ends as the couple toasts to a happy life ahead.

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