Top 3 Solemnisers Justice of Peace in Singapore 2019

Here’s our review of the top 3 Solemnisers Justice of Peace in Singapore

What is a wedding without a solemnisation? Having to say “I do”, in front of your family and friends can be such a beautiful experience. Having a good Solemniser or some would call them Justice of Peace, will guide you through exchanging your vows. He/She will be able to set the mood and pacing to a beautiful moment. We have seen countless of Solemnisers from the wedding videos we have shot, and only some make the mark above the rest. But before we get down to our review, we have to ask ourselves what makes a good Solemniser. How can a Solemniser do Solemnisation Justice? (nice pun huh?)


As wedding videographers, we have seen our fair share of bad Solemnisers who fail to do proper pronouncing of sentences. This especially turns up on the wedding video and is very hard to edit out. Hence, we have scoured the ends of Singapore to find our top pick for Solemnisers.


I can’t tell you how many times we have seen Solemnisation dragged on till the audience members and family members have to whip out their phones to distract them from the drudgery of boredom. A good Solemniser will be able to pace well and be short and concise. He/she will be able to do a proper introduction, “meat of the vows” and signing of certificates within 30 minutes. We have seen numerous Solemnisers drag out the process by giving a marriage counseling session. Justice of Peace, more like Justice of Boredom.


Last but not least, a good JP (Justice of Peace) should give me the vibes, the feels. The general public may regard humour as a good indicator of a good solemnisation, but contrary to that, we believe that it should be calm and romantic. Some Solemnisers give out the same jokes over again. For first timers, it may be quite humorous especially when you have older crowds. But when you look back, you want to view your solemnisation as a sacred event. An event that in front of everyone, you exchanged something pure, something real.

Here’s our youtube video to summarise the review.





Dr. Chia has a very straight character. It’s hard to describe it, but whenever I meet her, she has a very teacher personality, like Mrs. Ho from my secondary school days. But whenever I shoot for her Solemnisation, it’s a chop chop 12 minutes- It’s a Wrap solemnisation. She cuts to the chase, without wasting any time. She does a proper introduction and welcomes the guests politely. And to top it off, she holds consultations with all her couples. I always believe that’s important as she makes sure that the couple knows what’s in store. Furthermore, she enforces couples to write their vows. I believe that’s important in a solemnisation to make it personal. Some other Solemnisers have their couple recite pre-prepared cards on the wedding day. That’s not necessarily wrong, but don’t you want to look back at your solemnisation and see that you believed in your marriage.


You can find her contact information here.

Language Spoken: English
Contact Number: 6342 1381(H) / 9735 1533(HP)

2. Dr. Jasbir Singh


It was so hard tracking Dr. Singh down. He’s one of the Solemnisers who are a rare gem. I recently met him, and he was a bundle of joy to be around. And quite active on social media as well. And guess what, he’s a Doctor. Most of the Solemnisers have full-time jobs, but having a Doctor to your wedding, talk about raising the bar. Fun fact, the word Doctor is originally an agentive noun of the Latin verb docēre Latin pronunciation: [dɔˈkeːrɛ] ‘to teach‘. Guess this list is going to be about teachers who are part-time Solemnisers.


67606490(H) 65922695(O)

Instagram handle:

Just in case you wonder about how Dr. Jasbir Singh’s speech would look like in a video, do check out our Singh wedding video. You will notice how there’s many aspects of what he said that could be incorporated into a wedding edit to make it beautiful.



joanna portilla




I’m unbiased, but when it comes down to clear, sweet and concise, the trophy has got to be given to Joanna Portilla. Dressed in joyful colours, she conducts the solemnisation with grace and calmness. Having a clear introduction and giving time for the couples to exchange their vows. It’s something about how she tonal octave that is therapeutic to my ears.

Language preferred: English, Mandarin
Contact Number: 9101 1935
Licence expiring on: 31 December 2021

We have done up guide to solemnisation in this link.


And if you haven’t managed to lock down the top 3 solemnisers, here are 10 solemnisers who we may have missed out

Do remember to

  • Check with your Solemnizer on his/her:
  1. Language preference for solemnization
  2. Requirement(s) such as meeting up and/or pre-marriage preparation
  • Invite your Solemnizer personally
  • Do take note that your Solemnizer is a volunteer. We don’t think you can find a full-time Solemniser in Singapore. Have someone receive him/her before the timing of solemniser. This is especially so when there are multiple solemnisation rooms in a hotel. He/She might be confused as to where it’s being held.

Dr. Phua Tan Kee


You can say he’s touted as one of Singapore’s best Solemnisers. He has a mix of English and Chinese jokes. As a first-timer couple attending a wedding, he can be quite entertaining. Especially for his age, the energy level he delivers across is quite high. Older folks loveeee him as he can give a good speech in dialects.

With that said, I do feel that sometimes, the speech he gives can be quite long. You can see from the video, it can be almost twice the amount of time taken to conduct the ceremony without the couple’s vows in. I feel that a solemnisation shouldn’t be so much of a marriage counseling session, which sometimes can come across as one. But overall, couples do feel that if they get him, with his credentials and branding, it can be quite an honour.


Justice of Peace- Mr. Zenon Teh Chin Huak Solemnisation


He’s always so passionate. The way he speaks can put a smile on my face. Mr Zenon does a weird tonation of speaking. Check out how he uses certain words such as “Promise” & “Do you?”. Sometimes, I feel that his past life was a theatre performer. But in any case, every session with Zenon feels like a performance piece, a monologue of some sort. Don’t need to spend any money on Sistic, just being part of his solemnisation is like getting a free ticket.


Justice of Peace- Simon Sim Solemnisation


When listening to Simon Sim, I’m reminded of my university lecture. The way he conducts the solemnisation feels like a presentation with citations. Sometimes, he does quiz the couples (not pressurising at all). But I must say, this is an effort on his part and not many solemnisers take time to deliver monologues.


Justice of Peace- Pastor Lawrence Lim Solemnisation


Pastor Lawrence has a special mention here. He is one of the solemnisers I look forward to being part of. Whenever he conducts a ceremony, I can’t help but feel engaged with his passion. The way he delivers his lines is with so much conviction and passion, that I can’t help believing everything he says. He encompasses the true sense of what a solemnisation should be. Sadly, if you are conducting a secular solemnisation, you might not be able to get him.