Perfect Proposal

, Perfect Proposal

Getting that “YES!” : 3 Greatest Tips to a Perfect Proposal


It is time for you to make the move on your significant other, this time it’s not asking him/her to be your boyfriend/girlfriend only ; it’s your WEDDING PROPOSAL! Truth to be told, it’s definitely a nerve-wreck in planning to dos and have- nots for the perfect proposal, with the biggest pressure being the ultimate question of asking “ Will You Marry Me”. What to do to impress her? Where to plan it? Fret not, this article will provide you provide you the 3 greatest tips in making the proposal a memorable success so get your notebooks and pens ready! 


Tip 1 : Venue – Memorable yet Comfortable


One key importance in deciding the venue is comfort : whether your significant other would be comfortable and safe in that setting to participate in the proposal, whether in the public eye, or in private space. 


Public Eye

Flash Mobs proposals are one of the most flamboyant yet exciting public proposals to catch your partner by surprise and make them feel as if they’re in their very own musical ; plus points if you get involved with the dance as well and show off your moves to your partner’s amusement. 

, Perfect Proposal

Other notable public proposal venues can be against a nice outdoor backdrop such as a calming sunset at the beach or at popular tourist attractions. Many couples would love to be proposed as scenic places such that the moment would both capture the aesthetic beauty of the background as well as the immerse joy from the proposal. 


However, do take note that public proposals have its own risk of failing as well – in most instances being a stressful situation for the partner to feel compiled and pressured into saying “ yes” amidst the hopeful crowd. You would want to AVOID cases of him/her being forced from the cheers of the crowd, 


Private Space 

Some love privacy, they like to keep it small, homely and close to their closely-knitted connections so as to only share their purest, happiest moments with their personal relationships. 

, Perfect Proposal

In this case, public spaces would not be the most ideal venues to propose. Ideas of private proposals would be as simple as their own homes with a candlelight dinner and nicely decorated room, or a private function room with your partner’s desired audience. 

These kind of proposals is all about privacy, exclusivity and most importantly undisturbed space for the partner to bask in and decide one’s options in the realms of the secluded space. 

Tip 2 : Itinerary – Knowing Her Best

A proposal is for that special one. It must be all about him/her. That’s why, the greatest key to her heart is to know him/her personality well and execute a proposal to him/her best liking. 

If she loves the beach, an ideal proposal could be bringing her out on a romantic beach date ; if she loves family time, you could arrange for a nice family dinner and games night followed by surprising her with the proposal. If your partner doesn’t like public attention, then try to refrain from creating a public proposal for her and make her feel out of place/ not in her best fit. 

The key is always understanding, knowing your partner best as the potential lifetime partner and using that to give one the best proposal ever. 

Tip 3 : Popping the Question : Being Yourself 


Just like a wedding, the proposal is all going to be about you and your partner. As much you want your partner to feel at ease and comfortable, you have to not just put up your best self, but be YOURSELF.


Trust yourself and your sincerity in every execution of the proposal that it will go well and be confident of yourself as well. It will definitely be a nerve-wrecking event but always remember why you want to propose in the first place


If you are not the best at speeches, speech cards or props are your best friend! 


Video confessions or cardboard message props like the one below can serve a big help in transcending your message in a quirky way. You can play with different visuals in these ideas, such as creating video montages of your past happy memories with him/her or a video including your family and mutual friends encouraging him/her to say “ YES” – might move one to tears. 


These are just some ideas as there are many interesting and creative ways of presenting your heartfelt speech to your loved one beside direct face-to-face confrontational style. It is totally fine if you ever run out of ideas to build your proposal as long as it is genuine and from the heart because that is what makes a proposal the greatest and the most touching one.