Orchid Country Club Wedding

Tucked away in a serene part of Singapore, Orchid Country Club is a hidden gem to host one-of-a-kind weddings. Mainly an area for golf club activities, Orchid Country Club also hosts other recreation activities such as bowling, social activities and even an Orchid Lodge. Not only that, but Orchid Country Club also has several spaces that are ideal for hosting weddings of various styles and sizes – from intimate solemnisation to extravagant banquets.

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Orchid Country Club Wedding Packages
Orchid Country Club Solemnisation Package

Grand Ballroom

The sophisticated Grand Ballroom exudes such elegant grandeur with its exceptionally spacious area and a sky-high ceiling. Accentuated by 3 magnificent chandeliers, the ballroom brings you back to Renaissance period with its European-inspired design. Feel like Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, as you make an extravagant march-in along the red carpet that stretches across the ballroom. Orchid Country Club also offers a buggy ride through the red carpet for a second march-in, something different from the usual.


Capacity: 1200pax

Emerald Suite and Sapphire Suite

For smaller size and intimate celebration, the Sapphire Suite and Emerald Suite are two function rooms that couples can choose from. Both Suites offers pillarless rooms for an uninterrupted view across the room. With full glass windows at the side, bask in the romantic glow of daylight as you enjoy the serenity view of the golf course and a glimpse of Seletar Reservoir. Emerald Suite has a slight European style with its chandeliers accent, while Sapphire Suite is more modern and stylish. Sapphire Suite can also be separated into 5 smaller rooms, giving the flexibility to accommodate an event of any sizes.

Capacity: 200pax (Emerald Suite), 20 – 350pax (Sapphire Suite)

Tee Garden Foyer

For the outdoor lovers, opt for an alfresco ceremony at the Tee Garden Foyer, and relish in the tranquillity of nature as you celebrate this special day with your love ones. Embrace the nature by hosting a casual and laid-back poolside ceremony, surrounded by the verdant greenery.

Capacity: 200 – 250pax

Garden Pavilion

The picturesque setting surrounded by an audience of towering trees and palm trees makes the perfect backdrop for the significant milestone of your marriage – the solemnisation. Exchange your vows with your love one, under the shelter of the beautiful pavilion adorned with more florals. Such a romantic setting is a memory-hard to forget.

Capacity: 80pax

Address: 1 Orchid Club Road, Singapore 769162
Contact number: 6750 2166
Email: banquetsales@orchidclub.com
Website: www.orchidclub.com