Guide to Wedding Cakes

Clueless to Wedding Cakes? Here’s our Wedding Cake Guide.

Artisanal wedding cakes have been the talk of the town for a while now, as Instagram populates your feed with myriads of advertisements for different bakeries and oh-so-beautiful wedding cakes. So many bakeries and types of wedding cakes to choose from, and you just don’t know what cake to get for your big day! 

Wedding Cakes


Number of guests

Well, the first thing to bear in mind is the number of guests your cake is going to feed. Typically, a three-tiered cake can feed up to 100 guests. However, the number of layers can be customised as well, according to what the couple would like. As Amber from Yume Patisserie shared with us, a couple who has a guestlist of 100 people can still choose to have a four-tiered cake if they want to. “It just means that the layers are smaller in circumference, but it still feeds up to 100 guests,” Amber said. 

A two-tiered cake costs around $300-$500 according to the pricelist from Yume Patisserie. However, customisation requests can drive up prices, even going up to the thousands for those looking for an extravagant wedding cake as the center piece. Just be sure to put out your budget and preferences before placing your order! 



To help the bakers understand exactly the style of the cake for your wedding day, it would be helpful to put together a mood board. A mood board is like a collection of themes, similar to a sort of sketchbook with all the things you like! A mood board can contain images, notes or samples of other cake designs that appeal to you. You may also input notes at the side to be specific about the elements you want on your wedding cake. 

It’s also important to include ingredients, or specific themes you want for your cake. Would you like gold flakes, or do you prefer baby breaths for a more natural, gardenia themed wedding cake? 


Cream or fondant? 

Cream has a rougher texture on the outside, whereas fondant over the cake gives a matte and smooth finish around the cake. Fondant cakes has been the hot topic for its versatility, and the ability to adapt to any designs, or figurines. However, fondant, which is made of sugar, might not appeal to everyone in terms of taste. Cream cakes on the other hand, require cool environment as cream is more susceptible to heat and melts easily. 


Alternatives to a wedding cake

Perhaps a wedding cake is the last place you want to spend your remaining budget on, or maybe you’re just not a cake person. And that’s okay! Below are a few suggestions of alternatives to opt for: 

  • Customized cookies

  • Macaroons 

  • Cake pops

  • Cupcakes


Tips and tricks to save up on a wedding cake: 

  • Talk to your baker about fake cake layers. If you are not looking to feed to all your guests, you can use fake cake layers to give the impression of a big wedding cake. 
  • Serve your guests at the back. This gives you a variety of options to cater your guest’s dietary preferences without burning a whole in your pocket!