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Grand Shanghai Wedding

Grand Shanghai is an ‘East meets West’ contemporary restaurant specialising with Shanghainese cuisine. Inspired by Shanghai’s golden era, Grand Shanghai features exquisite ‘East meets West’ designed interior, with a unique mixture of modern and traditional furnishings.

Check out our video for Eric & Peline. The evening banquet was held at the Grand Shanghai.

The mirror ceiling accentuated with dazzling crystal chandeliers adds a luxurious grandeur to the Shanghai-style. Capture all eyes on you as you take the beautiful stage adorned with red velvet curtain, making your speeches and champagne popping.Grand Shanghai Wedding

For couples with traditional family-style, the sophisticated Grand Shanghai is the perfect place to have an elegant wedding affair and at the same time, ensure your guests have an enjoyable time.

Grand Shanghai Wedding

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Grand Shanghai Wedding Package 2019/2020


Address: 390 Havelock Road King’s Centre, Level 1, Singapore 169662
Contact number: 6836 6866
Email: restaurant@grandshanghai.com.sg
Website: www.grandshanghai.com.sg