Actual Day Photography | Sandy & Nicole

Getting dressed up before the wedding ceremony is always the most gut jittery moment. It is the moment of piecing together everything you have planned for, the dream wedding you have envisioned since young.

Emotions well-up as Sandy and Nicole read the heartfelt letters written to each other – the last letter as boyfriend/girlfriend and the first letter as husband/wife. As both of them reflect on the journey they had with each other so far, they are excited and nervous for this day, to start this next chapter together as husband and wife.

As Nicole’s mother covers the veil over Nicole, the smile on her face can’t be wiped off as she knows that Nicole is being entrusted into good hands. Words can’t express the emotions felt, with hugs and cuddles the only way to convey to each other.

A simple and small Holy Matrimony ceremony held at Church of the Holy Cross, Sandy and Nicole wanted their closest family and friends to witness the special moment of the unification of the both of them.

The dreamy walk-in of the flower girls and bridesmaids, making way for the entrance of the beautiful bride. With arms linked with her mother, it finally comes to Nicole’s turn as she gracefully walks down the aisle.

Looking into each other’s eyes, Sandy and Nicole proclaims the vows and lifelong promises to each other  in-front of their loved ones. With the finishing touches of putting on the wedding ring and kiss, Sandy and Nicole was finally declare – as husband and wife.

“Promise to be true to you. In good times or in bad times, in sickness or in health. To love you and honour you in all the days of my life”