Actual Day Photography | Denezia & Nesh

It is always such a delight to have the opportunity to film and witness traditional weddings. As formalities are performed with reverence and respect during the ceremony, it brings even more meaning and significance to their wedding.

It is by no means an easy task getting donned up for the wedding day, especially wearing the saree and the hairdos. However, with the help of closed friends and family, getting ready for their wedding day became such a fun affair for the couple. With everything set in order, Denezia and Nesh are now ready for their wedding ceremony.

With every wedding details prepared and the wedding altar perfectly arranged, everything is set into place, waiting for the arrival of bride and groom.

To start off the wedding ceremony, one of the bride’s and groom’s family member comes forward to light the sacred fire, to evoke their Fire God to bear witness to the unification of the couple.

As family and friends were there along the way to guide through the ceremony, Denezia and Nesh managed to pull through the entire wedding ceremony with joy and laughter.

After the couple received all the blessings and well-wishes, the newlywed ends off the ceremony by showering each other with rice, symbolising fertility, prosperity and happiness. A day filled with the support and encouragement from their love ones, it was a heartfelt wedding for Denezia and Nesh.