Choosing the Right Ring – A Guide for the clueless Singaporean


Nowadays, the singaporean way of asking “ will you marry me” not really counts on an engagement ring, but perhaps the “ BTO” proposal. However, many women still like to be pampered with materialistic value, with a ring that counts as a physical agreement or promise. 

engagement ring singapore

If you are really considering on an engagement ring, you would want to give an engagement ring that she’ll love at first sight, show off to her friends but most importantly, cherish forever (its expensive!!) 

Here’s a ring shot we did. Check out the beauty of RINGS.

There are some ways that you can go about choosing the perfect ring for your beloved one and yet within your budget, depending on the jeweller, the type of gemstones and the cut that you want for the ring.. With this guide, you will be on your way in selecting the perfect engagement ring for her

Setting your Budget 

There’s a saying that a ring should be a minimum of a guy’s three months’ pay or more, but that is not necessarily true. The cost ultimately comes to how much you want to spend on an engagement ring. Do keep in mind of other costs that you might require to save up on, like your wedding and your future house. 


It is not necessary to have a really costly ring to pop the question, but you can afford, then go for it! The pricing depends on these 4Cs of gemstones -Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat and these 4Cs will help you in deciding the best shade and size of gemstone for your budget. 


Choose the Perfect Gemstone and Cut She would like 

Choosing the perfect gemstone depends not just the aesthetics of the stone ( how shiny, how brilliant it looks) but its durability, pricing as well as its clarity. The hardness of the stone will allow the bride-to-be to wear it outside for long, and the pricing is also crucial to make sure that you stay within your budget. Here are the two famous “ bling bling” gemstones, diamonds and sapphires that she would like.

Singapore Rings


It is foretold that diamonds are “woman’s best friends”, why is that so? The brilliance and glimmer of the diamond as well as its unconquerable hardness is what makes it so valuable and so beloved. The symbolism of this engagement classic lies within purity, love and strength that cuts through hardship. However, it is easily the most expensive gemstone, but also the most popular one. 



Along with diamonds, Sapphires are also another popular gemstone used in engagement rings due to its luster and captivating blue-tone. Sapphire are extremely durable as well, thus serving its practical purpose of wearing an engagement ring every day. As such, many would consider an assortment of small sparkling diamonds surrounding the main blue Sapphire core as a ring. Pretty, right?  


Besides these two, there are many other gemstones you can actually consider, like emerald, topaz and aquamarine. If your plus one has mentioned before about her favourite gemstone, even better! 

For the different cuts of gemstones, here’s a chart to let you understand better : 

The most popular gemstone cuts include Round, Princess, Cushion and Emerald, but you can always select the other cuts for its unique beauty in its facets. The Round cut is known to be the most expensive but also the most popular. Originally developed exclusively for diamonds, the round brilliant cut is widely used for other gemstones.  


Choosing a well-known jeweller 

It is important to differentiate a commercial and high-end jeweller as well as they cater different cuts and carats of gemstones at different pricings. Commercial Jewellers in Singapore consists of brands like Love & Co, Goldheart and Lee Hwa Jewellery whereby High-end jewellers are like Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Bvlgarri. 

For commercial Jewellers, their engagement rings are priced at an average of $2,000-$6,000 due to its cater for the general public and its fixated collection. Luxury engagement rings are priced at such a high cost, amounting up to $15,000-$200,000 due to its intricate ring details, best quality gemstones (based on clarity of colour) as well as the tediousness in cutting and polishing

Physical shopping can be tiring and if you don’t like the fuss, there are also online retailers that you might want to check out for convenient marketing and check-outing. Here are some retailers for you to go and see :

  • James Allen,best sourced website for engagement rings
  • Pandora, popular for its charms and minimalistic designs
  • Fonder Diamond, a place that offers self-creation rings 


Any Ring will Do – It’s the Heart that Matters 

SIngapore Engagement Ring

Frankly speaking, no matter the most expensive ring in the world, an engagement is the proclamation of love from the heart, and the most important thing is to have you and your partner choosing each other as life partners, instead of just choosing the ring. Ring or no ring, expensive or cheap, you are the creator of your engagement story, and in any way that you execute will decide for you its experience.