Top 30 Wedding Wishes in Chinese

, Top 30 Wedding Wishes in Chinese
Wedding wishes are ways for you to offer your congratulations and blessings to the couple. During Chinese weddings, some families might be more traditional and place great importance on certain behaviours and etiquettes. As you meet the couple whether through the tea ceremony or during the dinner banquet, it would be polite and respectful if you could give some of your blessings through words. 

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While you can also choose to go with the classic and simple “Congratulations!”, it might not sound as sincere when everyone else is saying the exact same word. To relay your heartfelt blessings, here are some Chinese wedding wishes that you can memorise and use the next time!



白头偕老   bái tóu xié lǎo

Literally, this phrase means to grow old with your spouse until both of their hair turns white of old age. In essence, you are wishing for the couple to grow old together in marital bliss.



白首成约   bái shǒu chéng yuē

‘成约’ means to keep to a promise. Together, this phrase wishes for the couple to stay dedicated to their marriage vow of being together till old age.



百年好合   bǎi nián hǎo hé

It means to wish a hundred years of conjugal bliss and harmony to the couple. It encompasses your hope for them to have an everlasting journey of love together. 



百年琴瑟   bǎi nián qín sè

It wishes for the couple to maintain a harmonious relationship for hundred years and beyond. 



福禄鸳鸯   fú lù yuān yāng

‘福禄’ means fortune and wealth while ‘鸳鸯’ means a happy couple. When said together, the phrase blesses on the couple’s fortune to grow like their love. 



互敬互爱   hù jìng hù ài

‘敬’ and ‘爱’ represents ‘respect’ and ‘love’ respectively. Together, this phrase seeks to wish the couple mutual respect and love for each other. 



花好月圆   huā hǎo yuè yuán

It translates to “flower blossom with the moon coming in full circle” literally. A full moon represents the feeling of completeness. As a phrase, it wishes the newly-married a relationship that will blossom like flowers and for them to feel complete together like the round full moon.



举案齐眉   jǔ àn qí méi

In direct translation, it means to lift up eating trays at the level of each other’s eyebrows before a meal. It wishes for a mutual respect for each other between husband and wife, symbolising that both partners in the couple are to hold each other at equal status.



郎才女貌   láng cái nǚ mào

Use this phrase when you want to comment on the good looks of both husband and wife in a couple. It means that the couple is very attractive physically.



佳偶天成   jiā ǒu tiān chéng

The phrase compliments the couple for being a perfect match as if they were united by heaven.



天作之合   tiān zuò zhī hé

This phrase means ‘a match made in heaven’. Rather than wishing the couple to be a match made in heaven, this phrase is used when you want to compliment a couple for looking so compatible together. This blessing is usually used by guests older than the couple. 



天缘巧合   tiān yuán qiǎo hé

This phrase is used when you want to comment on the couple for having heavenly fate. Used to mean the couple got together because they are destined to be.



情投意合   qíng tóu yì hé

It compliments the couple for seeing eye to eye and being suitable for each other. 



相敬如宾   xiāng jìng rú bīn

It means to treat each other (between husband and wife) with the same amount of respect they would give to an honoured guest.



相亲相爱   xiāng qīn xiāng ài

It wishes for the couple to love each other. To add extra depth to the phrase, you can choose to add ‘永远  yǒng yuǎn’ in front of the phrase to wish them a everlasting love with each other.



心心相印   xīn xīn xiāng yìn

This blessing wishes for the couple to always see heart to heart with each other. It seeks for empathy and understanding between the couple. 



幸福美满   xìng fú měi mǎn

It wishes the couple a life of happiness and bliss.



美满姻缘   měi mǎn yīn yuán

‘美满’ stands for happiness while ‘姻缘’ means marriage. Together, it wishes for the couple to have a happy marriage together.



美满家园 měi mǎn jiā yuán

This blesses the couple to build a happy family together.



宜室宜家 yí shì yí jiā

It directly translates to a wish for the couple to build a harmonious and orderly home. To build a home symbolises living harmoniously together. To memorise this phrase easily, remember that the last two words stand for the famous furniture chain, Ikea in Chinese.



永结同心   yǒng jié tóng xīn

‘永结’ directly translates to an eternal knot. ‘同心’ means to be of the same heart. When put together, this phrase wishes the couple to be united and aligned in their thoughts.



永浴爱河   yǒng yù ài hé

Literally, this means to bathe forever in the river of love. It symbolises a wish for the couple to have an endless love for each other like the river currents. 



早生贵子   zǎo shēng guì zǐ

It hopes for the couple to give birth to a healthy child or offspring soon. This phrase is usually by those that are older than the couple.



珠联璧合   zhū lián bì hé

Literally, it means to put pearls and jade together. Like how the jewelry complements each other, it symbolises how the couple is a well-matched pair. 



凤凰于飞   fèng huáng yú fēi

‘凤凰’ stands for the phoenix which is a mythical bird that is regarded as uniquely remarkable in some aspect. Putting the 4 words together, it wishes the couple to be like 2 phoenixes flying side by side in conjugal harmony.



花开并蒂   huā kāi bìng dì

It wishes for the couple to have a love that’s blooming like beautiful flowers. 



缔结良缘   dì jié liáng yuán

‘缔结’ means to establish and ‘良缘’ means a happy union. Together, this phrase wishes for the couple to forge a harmonious relationship together.



姻缘相配   yīn yuán xiāng pèi

‘姻缘’ symbolises a marriage and ‘相配’ means well-matched. The phrase compliments the couple on being fitting of each other in their marriage. 



终身之盟   zhōng shēn zhī méng

“终身” means a lifetime and ‘之盟’ means an alliance. Together, this phrase hopes for the couple to form a lifetime alliance together and be by each other’s side.



喜结良缘  xǐ jié liáng yuán

This phrase means to tie the knot or get married. To wish a couple, add the words ‘祝贺你’ at the start as a way to say ‘Congratulations on your happy marriage!’


, Top 30 Wedding Wishes in Chinese

Just pick some of these simple wedding wishes to say and you’ll be sure to bring a smile onto the couple’s faces!


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